Saturday, October 23, 2010

Like lambs to slaughter - climate change supporters are feeding us to the forces of nature

Climate is changing, it has always changed and it always will. Thanks to advances in technology people can now deal better with natural disasters. According to Dr. Keith Lockitch, disasters like hurricane Katrina are taking less lives than similar disasters used to.

However we are now facing a real threat. The environmentalists, in the name of man made climate change, are advocating the world to arrest the development of technological advancements that help us survive. They want us, under the banner that the climate change is perhaps man made, to completely disarm ourselves against nature. They want people to slow down industrial advances, stop producing and go back to the time when natural disasters have taken thousands of lives. They are taking us like lambs to the slaughter....

Dr. Keith Lockitch provides a valuable insite into the climate Policy in a Free Society

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