Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Learning economics

I've spent much of my leisure time last year listening to lectures on economics to fill the gaps in my overall knowledge.

Learning economics reinforced and underscored the set beliefs that have been shaped throughout my life by my parents, the environment around me that I grew up in, the books I've read and the studies I've undertaken, the paths I've traveled in life and the conclusions I've made.

I discovered that economics is an exceptionally interesting field.

Talking to people about what I've learned, I also discovered how few people around me actually know economics. This means that the majority of people make economic decisions for themselves and often others without any background knowledge.

Knowledge of economics will not give you any get-reach-quick schemes. However it will give you the understanding of how the world around us works from the economics point of view. It will also equip you with understanding of how to avoid get-poor-quick traps or loose-money-quick schemes.

Here are the links I found to self-learning resources on-line:

A good set of lectures that  I found on iTunes on the basics of economics:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has many interesting lectures on economics in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics:


The EconTalk podcast features interviews with leading economists, giving excellent resource to understand what is happening in the world around us:


Also, if you found good resources on the net - you are welcome to post links here in comments. No spammers, though, please. I do reserve the right to remove any links I dont believe belong here...

I will publish more links here too. Please check back.

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